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Super String Theory

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Mwahahaha. Here is a claiming community where you can claim your favorite articles of JRock clothing.
Please read the rules, as it will be obvious if you didn't xP.

1. 5 claims per person.
2. No claiming something that is already taken by another user.
3. Try to be specific. For example, no claiming just "Gackt's pants." Name the PV/concert/photoshoot/type, such as "Gackt's snakeskin pants."
4. It can be any article of clothing, including jewelry and accessories.
5. Be nice and don't piss off the mods.
6. To make your claims, post in the community journal. Don't leave a comment.
7. *Please* link back to us somewhere in your community info. If you want to make a graphic or want to request one, please let me know somewhere in your claim.
8. You don't have to have pictures, but feel free to post them if you do.

jrock_clothes is modded by kohtaijo and co-modded by chintsuuzai and pink_spider11.