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Claims List. [Aug. 30th, 2004|08:05 pm]
Super String Theory


[mood |okayokay]
[music |Pierrot - "Torikago"]

Mods' claims:
[Yes, we cheat. We're the mods. We can do that.]

kohtaijo's claims: Everything Kohta [Pierrot] has ever worn, including jewelry and accessories. Therefore nothing of Kohta's may be claimed. [Yes. I'm insane.] Takeo's [Pierrot] black/white shirt combo, black vest, grey baggy jacket, oversized plaid coat, and purse.

pink_spider11's claims: hide's cowboy hat, Kyo's [Dir en Grey] hot shorts from the 5 Day Blitz, hide's big black dress (Alivest video), Kana's kikai-teki ningen dress, Mana's [ex-Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois] Gardenia dress.

Solo Artists:
Cowboy hat [pink_spider11]
Black dress from Alivest [pink_spider11]

Kikai-Teki Ningen dress [pink_spider11]

Dir en Grey
Kyo - Hot shorts from 5 Day Blitz [pink_spider11]
Shinya - "Cage" PV dress [lunchboxrevenge]
Toshiya - Dress-thing from "Yokan" [lunchboxrevenge]

Malice Mizer
Mana - Dress from "Beast of Blood" PV [lunchboxrevenge]
Mana - Dress from "Gardenia" PV [pink_spider11]

Aiji - Butt flaps [truely_blue]
Aiji - Camo pants [truely_blue]
Aiji - "In my dreams I'm a Rock and Roll star" shirt [lunchboxrevenge]
Aiji - "Knockin' on the door!" shirt [truely_blue]
Aiji - "SUCK" shirt [truely_blue]
Aiji - Thongs xD [truely_blue
Kirito - PVC overalls from "Smiley Skeleton" PV [lunchboxrevenge]
Kohta - Everything that he has ever worn [kohtaijo]
Takeo - Black vest[kohtaijo]
Takeo - Grey baggy jacket [kohtaijo]
Takeo - Plaid oversized coat [kohtaijo]
Takeo - Purse [kohtaijo]

Please check here to make sure what you want hasn't already been claimed by someone else.